The Council

In May 2015, 8 residents stood at the Parish Council Election for the 8 vacancies to form the Great Waldingfield Parish Council for a period of 4 years.

The Councillors, who undertake their duties voluntarily, are supported by the Parish Clerk.

Chairman John Steele 07506 687590
Vice Chairman

Cecil Allard

01787 880320
Councillors Barry Abson 01787 313112
  Jean Misselbrook
01787 373837

 Linda Rushton

01787 370602

Steward Sowman

01787 377071

Leon Stedman

01787 370087 
  Laura Wilson  
Parish Clerk               Dave Crimmin   Email     01787 375085        

General Power of Competence

At the meeting held on the 11th May 2015, the councillors adopted the General Power of Competence.

Code of Conduct

In accordance to the Localism Act 2011 ss 26 to 37, Great Waldingfield Parish Council at its meeting on 14th July 2014 adopted the Suffolk Local Code of Conduct. You can view a copy of the Councillors' Register of Interests on this website or Babergh District Council's.


Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month. All Great Waldingfield residents are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings, with a Public Forum at the start of each meeting.  The Parish Council meetings are held in Great Waldingfield Village Hall, start at 7.30pm and normally finish by 9.30pm. The draft minutes of Great Waldingfield  Parish Council meetings are published to the GW News and on this website within 2 weeks of the meeting being held.

Roles undertaken by Councillors

Councillors Allard, Misselbrook, Sowman and Wilson are members of the HR Committee.

Councillors Abson, Rushton, Sredman and Steele are the members of the Standards Committee.

As the Parish Council is responsible for Great Waldingfield Village Hall, 4 councillors are appointed to the Trust which operates the hall.  Councillors Misselbrook, Rushton, Stedman and Steele are the Village Hall Trustees.

The play equipment owned by the council in the playing field is monitored by Councillors Allard, Abson, Sowman and Wilson.  Councillor Steele represents the Parish Council on the Braithwaite Trust and the Suffolk Association of Local Councils.  Harry Taylor is the co-ordinator for Great Waldingingfield aspects of the Babergh West (1) Community Speed Watch scheme.

Contacting the Parish Clerk

The Parish Clerk can be contacted at any reasonable time during the day or evening, Monday to Friday, Bank Holidays excepted.

Contacting Babergh District and Suffolk County Councillors

Great Walingfield falls in the Waldingfield Ward of Babergh District and has 2 councillors representing the ward who are Margaret Maybury and Frank Lawrenson.  Colin Spence is the Suffolk County Councillor representing the Sudbury East and Waldingfield Division which includes Great Waldingfield.  Contact details are as follows

Margaret Maybury

Puddledock Garden
Clay Hall Lane
CO10 0AQ

01787 464358

Frank Lawrenson

The Old Rectory
Great Waldingfield
Sudbury CO10 0TL

01787 372428

Colin Spence 

22 Rochester Way
CO10 1LP 

01787 378184